Monday, December 25, 2006

Tears of Joy

I entered
Her dressing room,
Hugged her
And burst into
Don’t be sad
She said

I’m not
Sad, I mumbled
My sobs

They are
Rare, these
Tears of joy

Those few
Times in a
Life when
The magic
Of love and wonder
Bring a flood
Of emotion

I had surprised
Her back stage
After a cross
Country trip

To watch
Her perform
The lead in
Swan Lake

She was the
Transfixing and

And she was
My little girl
Now grown up and
A star

Holding My Hand

Hold my hand
When we cross
The street

We do it
For safety
And security

And we do
It for comfort
And affection

As children grow
Hands begin
To stay busy
Or in pockets

“I’m big now”
No need to hold
Hands to cross
The street

But old habits
Are slow to die

I remember still
That time and place
When my daughter
Elizabeth last reached
Spontaneously for
My hand

It is a moment
I treasure

The last time
She held my hand